Ye Must be Born Again

John Wesley used to hammer John 3:7 continuously. He was once asked “Why do you keep preaching ‘ye must be born again?'”

His answer, “Because ye must be born again.”

It’s that simple really. John 3 shows Jesus convincing Nicodemus of the necessity for a new birth. Paul explains later that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.

Our natural man, the flesh body we were born in from our momma, is going to stop on earth. If you desire eternal life you must do better than clean up the natural man. You must do better than apologize for the natural man. You must do better than make pompous resolutions about what your natural man can do. You must do better than think happy thoughts about your natural man.

Your natural man must be crucified with Christ and you must take to yourself new life, spiritual life, life from above. There is no other way to heaven.

New life always manifests itself. Even in the brief time the thief on the cross had, he confessed his guilt, Jesus’ innocence, rebuked a sinner and asked Jesus to intercede for him. Not bad for a few hours of new life living.

Many use the thief on the cross as an excuse for ineptitude, for continuing in the old man. Big difference between you and the thief on the cross–you aint dead yet.

Believers are dead to sin and alive to God. “How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” Before you were born physically you didn’t do physical things. You didn’t do anything. But since the time of your physical birth you began physical life with all its characteristics.

The same is true of the new birth. The old is passed away, all things have become new. We are the righteousness of God. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s the only shot you have.

Facts About A. W. Tozer

1. Preached at Southside Alliance Church in Chicago for 31 years.

2. Has more than 40 books, most are compilations of articles he wrote for Alliance Life, a publication he edited for 13 years.

3. His “classic”work is entitled The Pursuit of God and was written while travelling by train from Chicago to Texas.

4. Tozer was father to six boys and one girl.

5. He married Ada Cecelia Pfautz.

6. He and his wife never owned a car.

7. Tozer died in 1963 and is buried in Ellet Cemetery in Akron, Ohio.

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Christian Football Picks

It’s been three years since I did the regular Christian Football Picks. Back in the 2005 season our picks went 29-15. Christian football picks is based on the premise that God will elevate the team that deserves His favor.

First we have the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals have one thing for them, some church officials are indeed called Cardinals, this has to be good. They also have Kurt Warner, who, if you hadn’t heard, every Christian in the world is desperate to point out is a Christian. God does like winners.

However, Arizona has some things on the negative side as well, all closely related to their positives. Cardinals are Catholic church officials and it’s debatable that God likes Cardinals that much (if they were that great they wouldn’t be cardinals, they’d be pope). Also, if Kurt Warner is indeed a believer, expect him to have to endure persecution and trial.

Then we have the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers represent industrialization and the raping of God’s green earth. All good things. It’s only through industrialization that we’re able to send Joel Osteen messages to all corners of the earth. On top of that Ben Roethlisberger, lined up against Warner’s pristine testimony, is nothing more than a drunken slob heathen.

These are the kind of guys God likes to bless.

It has been decreed from eternity past:

Pittsburgh 32
Arizona 24

Lion Patrol

Christians frequently talk about the joys of doing God’s Word. How swell it all is. When we follow God’s Word the birds sing sweetly, the sun shines brightly, the temperature rises to 73. All is well.

The only way you can possibly have this view is if you have no idea what God says.

Imagine you’re out walking one day and a guy comes up to you, claiming to speak for God, and tells you to smite him with a sword. “Um, what?”

“Go ahead, hit me.”

“I don’t think so. Why would I do that? Sorry man, find someone else.” That’s what I’d say.

1 Kings 20 has this scenario in it. The guy refuses to nail the prophet. The prophet turns around and says “Because thou hast not obeyed the voice of the LORD, behold, as soon as thou art departed from me, a lion shall slay thee.”

Guess what? The guy leaves and a lion eats him. He gets eaten by a lion for not listening to God’s Word! He refuses to hit a prophet with a sword and gets eaten by a lion. Good grief, God! A lion?!

That’s a tough one to wrap the mind around. I don’t care about your “grace didn’t show up to the NT” theory either, doesn’t matter. A lion eats him for not hitting a prophet?!

David got mad at God for smiting Uzza for reaching out to steady the ark. It’s tough stuff. Perhaps we forget how serious God is about this whole faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God deal.

Watch out for lions.