Anti Itch Meditation’s Pastor Survey

Here is the final installment of the Pastor Survey, a list of questions sent to various pastors I know.

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Name: Milton Stanley
Church: between churches (attending Shady Grove Church of Christ as a member)
Location: Mud Creek, Tennessee


1) How do the qualifications for a pastor in 1 Timothy 3 make you feel?
My tradition (a cappella Churches of Christ) makes a distinction between preachers (ministers, often paid staff members) and elders (pastors, usually not paid staff and holding office only in groups, not as a single pastor). Therefore, while I think I have the qualities of an elder or pastor, so far I’ve served congregations only as a minister or preacher. I sometimes wonder if it’s not asking too much of elders when a grown child falls away from the faith and a church considers the father therefore unqualified to serve. I also feel humbled and grateful that God has blessed me with faithful children.

2) What criticism of you are you most grateful for having heard?
One of my preaching mentors really hammered me about saying  “uh” when I preached. Obviously I didn’t like it at the time, but it really helped me not do it so much.
3) What question are you tired of being asked?
None, really. I wish people would ask me more questions. I’ve prayed and studied for years and feel like I have something to offer, but I’m not one to offer much unsolicited advice.
4) What Bible character ticks you off the most?
None come to mind. 
5) If your next sermon were your last, what passage would you preach on?
1 John 2:1-6
6) When are you happiest as a pastor?
When I’m studying the Word of God and when I’m helping others come to faith or grow in Christ.
7) How many Bibles can you see from where you are sitting?
4 whole Bibles, 2 New Testaments
8) What word would your wife use to describe you on a Sunday afternoon?
9) What question would you like to hear other pastors answer?
Do you preach more from your strength or your weakness?
10) What biblical miracle would you most like to do?
Like Peter in Acts 2, preach the Word and have 3,000 new believers be baptized
11) If there was only one point you could convey to your church, what would it be?
We are saved by God’s grace through Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected.
12) What’s one thing you really hope you get to do when you get to heaven?
Praise God, of course.

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