Anti-Itch Meditation’s Pastor Survey

The following is a list of questions I sent to a few pastors with their answers.

Jeff Weddle’s answers
Alastair McCollum’s answers

Name: Brian Nicklaus
Church: Echo Lake Church of Christ
Location: Westfield, NJ


 Brian’s Disclaimer:
our tradition makes a distinction between Pastors/Shepherds/bishops/Elders (I lump those together as nuances of the same role because of Acts 20 and 1 Peter 5) and the Evangelist/Preacher. I think McKnight’s NIGCNT on the Pastoral Letters makes a similar distinction. Personally, I don’t refer to myself as a Pastor. churches of Christ usually have a plurality of elders/pastors/shepherds and then a Preachers/Evangelist/Minister.
Anywho, that might color my response to your great survey questions, so I wanted to share that.

1) How do the qualifications for a pastor in 1 Timothy 3 make you feel?
(especially this one) I see them at a standard that I am always striving to achieve, whether my role in the future includes Pastor, in addition to Minister or not. (btw-I don’t deny pastoral responsibilities as a preacher)

2) What criticism of you are you most grateful for having heard?
i would actually like more criticism

3) What question are you tired of being asked?
Can I be sure I am saved?

4) What Bible character ticks you off the most?

5) If your next sermon were your last, what passage would you preach on?
Romans 3:23ff or Ephesians 2:1-10

6) When are you happiest as a pastor?
When someone becomes a Christian (most relaxed? Sunday night)

7) How many Bibles can you see from where you are sitting?

8) What word would your wife use to describe you on a Sunday afternoon?
Tired and busy

9) What question would you like to hear other pastors answer?
How to balance everything/ practical ministry stuff

10) What biblical miracle would you most like to do?
water to wine. cabs and chiantis can get expensive. (sorry, I really couldn’t decide on a serious answer)

11) If there was only one point you could convey to your church, what would it be?
meaning of discipleship

12) What’s one thing you really hope you get to do when you get to heaven?
see/experience somehow the events as they really happened in Scripture

3 thoughts on “Anti-Itch Meditation’s Pastor Survey”

  1. So, is he just referred to as Mr Nicklaus or Brian or Saint? (Ooh, so sorry for that last one.) Or is he a pastor?

    Again, very interesting. Thanks, Brian!

  2. hey, I really don’t use a title. If someone calls me Pastor I dont’ worry about it. If I am referred to as “reverend” I cringe and step aside so the lightning will miss me. :)

    if someone doesn’t feel comfortable calling me just Brian, they might say “brother brian” or “brother nicklaus”

    while we do believe in different roles, we try to avoid the clergy/laity system, and emphasize the priesthood of all believers…

    thanks, jeff

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