Anti-Itch Meditation’s Pastor Survey

Recently I asked a couple pastors some questions and I will be posting the answers this week. I will go first so as to not inflict others with what I am unwilling to do.

Name:Jeff Weddle
Church:Rhinelander Bible Church
Location:Rhinelander, WI

1) How do the qualifications for a pastor in 1 Timothy 3 make you feel?
It is a good goal to strive for. They are there for a reason. If the glove don’t fit you must quit.

2) What criticism of you are you most grateful for having heard?
Annoying things I do while preaching that I can eliminate. Being told I was getting fat.

3) What question are you tired of being asked?
So, how does that predestination stuff work?

4) What Bible character ticks you off the most?
The Pharisees and scribes

5) If your next sermon were your last, what passage would you preach on?
Numbers 11:15 with Philippians 1:20-23

6) When are you happiest as a pastor?
Teaching God’s Word to people who want to hear it and apply it

7) How many Bibles can you see from where you are sitting?

8) What word would your wife use to describe you on a Sunday afternoon?
I don’t know. I asked her and she said: Dead. Drained. Emotionally Unstable. (She doesn’t count well)

9) What question would you like to hear other pastors answer?
Why are you doing this? Which, of course, is one question I didn’t ask in my pastor survey. Hmm.

10) What biblical miracle would you most like to do?
Calling down fire from heaven to destroy people like Elijah

11) If there was only one point you could convey to your church, what would it be?
Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed and Christ is your only hope of that.

12) What’s one thing you really hope you get to do when you get to heaven?
Go on long walks on long trails through beautiful woods talking things over with Jesus, getting to ask Him if I was ever right at any point in my life on anything ever and learning all the stuff I wish I knew now.

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