Pay Attention

My mother sent me a link to this video where you pay attention to how many passes a team in white made with basketballs. Don’t miss anything.

Then I saw this article about the lady who reportedly swam the Atlantic Ocean that was on the news last week. Some people did the math and found out her story was impossible. By paying attention to the details, it has now surfaced that she only swam 250 of the 2,400 miles across the Atlantic.

Frequently I remind the folks in my church to check the context. If a guy says you should run your church services according to 1 Corinthians 14:1-33, check and see what verse 34 says.

If a guy “quotes” the Bible and has “. . .” somewhere, look it up to see what the “. . .’s” mean. What does the next verse say?

You gotta pay attention out there. People are throwing all sorts of info at you and most of it is not true. Just trying to help.

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