Sacrifice and Obedience

It’s common knowledge that the sacrifices of the OT were a picture of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The sacrifices were a picture or a shadow of the perfect sacrifice of Christ.

Sacrifices in the OT were spoken of to illustrate the various ways Christ’s death would fulfill God’s righteous demands.

When we see sacrifices in the OT our minds should point to Christ, it’s where the school master brings you.

Here’s an interesting one. Saul and the boys wooped up on the bad guys. God told them not to take any of the spoils. The people, true to form, took some spoils. This is the classic line of Samuel in the King James, “What meaneth the bleating of the sheep?”

Saul says, “Oh yeah, the sheep, well the people took those but we were gonna use them for a sacrifice to God.” Yeah, a sacrifice, yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket.

Samuel’s response, “to obey is better than sacrifice” Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Hmm, thinking of Christ, school master bringing me along. Hmm.

Christ is not sacrificed again, He did it once for all. That being the case, there are many who assume that since Christ died and I’m forgiven sin is no big deal. But something tells me listening to God is better than taking advantage of the sacrifice.

“Should we sin that grace may abound? God forbid.” I believe Paul and Samuel have the same human proclivity in mind in their similar statements.

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