Praying in Football

Tim Tebow has brought a lot of attention to the religious component of football. Which is fine, whatever, I still doubt anyone from the Florida Gators can truly be saved.

The NFL, which has long held to certain supposed Christian traditions and has also been labeled the No Fun League because they curb idiot athletes, has recently made a statement concerning end zone celebrations during the Super Bowl.

“The whole issue is, you can’t go to the ground on your knees or with your hand or anything. There’s only one time that you’re going to be allowed to go on your knee after you score like this, and that’s when you want to praise the Lord. If you do that, then I’m going to allow that, because I do not want to be struck by lightning, I promise you that. We will allow that.”

So that’s good reasoning. I guess I don’t mind end zone celebrations. Of course, the former team I cheered for never had to worry about getting carried away in the end zone for some reason. The Lambeau Leap reigns supreme as an end zone celebration.

4 thoughts on “Praying in Football”

  1. Well, if they’re going to allow it then I guess I’ll have to go ahead and allow it too. Because, you know, I don’t want to be the one who’s struck by lightning either.

  2. it’s especially cool when mcnabb doesn’t even wait to get the end zone – but calls God from the sidelines. (but isn’t that when we all suddenly turn to Him? from the sidelines of defeat? i think players that remember God in the victory of the endzone should get an extra two points. which would then make the two point conversion make sense to me. cause, as it is right now, i have no idea why suddenly there’s two points added to a score when nothing happened.)

  3. (speaking of “conversions,” maybe that’s what will happen when they continue to allow prayers in the endzone)

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