Daily Devotionals are Weak

I came across this article that notes the new trend in making one minute Bible studies for busy Christians. These are nothing more than devotionals that are marketed to only take a few minutes out of your day.

Devotionals have always struck me as odd (not to the point I don’t write them for cash), but still they’re mostly trite and simplistic.

The fact that marketers of devotionals have to now stress how little this devotion will waste your time does show a disturbing trend, however.

A recent national survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 71% of people are absolutely certain about their belief in God and that 58% pray daily outside of religious services.

Faith leaders are working hard to capitalize on that spiritual hunger, not just with convenience but with high production values.

Well, this here “faith leader” aint doing anything to help you water down faith and make it as convenient as possible for anyone.

When you observe the methods of Jesus Christ in evangelizing and teaching, you very quickly realize that He confronts people and makes His message as difficult as possible to receive. He lets people know the cost and what it will do to them.

I get it that publishers need to do what they gotta do to make money. But to trivialize the Bible, to make it convenient and slick is completely contrary to the Bible’s message.

We’re told to “study to show ourselves approved.” I don’t recall reading the part where it said “Read for like a minute a day to be approved.”

(And, to all devotional readers who are offended, yes, “it’s better than nothing.” Just like walking to the fridge is better than sitting on the couch.)

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