Beer Drinking Theologians

A new study about Czech Republic avian ecologists (professional bird watchers) shows that the more a scientist drinks beer the fewer papers he will get published and the lower the quality of those papers will be (based on citations).

Conclusion: drinking beer lowers the quality of scientific work.

I find this interesting, what with me being a HUGE fan of Czech avian ecologists (go Zdenek Hubálek!), but it also struck me interesting how so many famous theologians are, and or were, beer drinkers.
Martin Luther, George Whitefield, John Calvin, the puritans (they forced a landing on Plymouth Rock primarily because they were running out of ale) and Catholic monks (many of whom brewed beer back in the day) all imbibed on Satan’s Kool-Aid.

Science is largely an intellectual exercise and drinking impairs intellectual reasoning, whereas, if you’ve read enough theology, you know that intellect left that arena long ago. Drinking beer helps you get theological papers published (ask Donald Miller).

So, there’s the ticket you scuffling theologians out there waiting for your big break. Leave sobriety to the bird watchers and go tip a few back.

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  1. So sin is cultural, or worse, regional.

    Either way, you know way too much about avian ecologists, which is weird.

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