Christianity By Half

“Whatsoever you do, do it heartily as unto the Lord.” Not only does this give meaning to life’s mundane activities; it also brings immense meaning to life’s essential aspects.

Christianity, our becoming like Christ, should be done whole-heartedly. It demands your heart, soul, and mind, all that you are. You can’t do it half way.

Unfortunately, Christianity as we hear it, stops halfway. We get the first part but fail to move on to the second part. We’ve got the principles but we miss the perfection.

Modern Christianity says this:

Don’t be bad.
Don’t hate.
Don’t be bad with money.

Nothing is wrong with these statements; all are in Scripture. It creates Christian who don’t do the “really bad sins.” It creates Christians who are “nice,” never acting like they hate anyone. It creates Christians who are paying off their credit cards and paying down their mortgages like good citizens.

Again, nothing wrong with that. What we miss, however, is the second part. The second part proves that Christianity has truly taken root.

Depart from evil AND do good.
Don’t hate BUT actively love your enemies.
Don’t be bad with money SO you can give more away.

Christians are not known by what they DON’T do but by what they actually do (some might say, “By their fruits”). Christians are not known for their non-hating, but are to be known by their love. Christians are not to be known for being fiscally sound but by their generosity.

There’s always a replacement activity for the activity the Spirit will remove from your life. Not doing evil frees up a lot of time, energy and money to do good.

People who live their lives attempting NOT to do something wrong will generally live life doing nothing. People who live life TO DO something usually will. It’s called a goal.

All of this is in emulation of the life of Christ. Christ didn’t come not doing sin, He came doing righteousness. Christ didn’t come not hating, He came to demonstrate God’s love. Christ didn’t come not wasting money, He came to help the poor, oppressed, sick and needy.

It all fits together. Don’t quit halfway through. Be not hearers of the word but doers! Don’t be content to hear, know and quote, be content to do what it says, both parts.

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