Prophet School

Elijah was cool. Lots of guys wanted to hang around with him, as I would have. His successor, Elisha, was also cool and guys wanted to hang around him too.

In 1 and 2 Kings this group of guys were constantly around. Apparently Elijah and Elisha set up some sort of a prophet school in Bethel, where they would train young prophets.

This is weird to me. Didn’t God make prophets? Saul began to prophesy when God’s Spirit came on him, he didn’t have to go to school.

I saw this paragraph in the KJV Commentary about 2 Kings 2:3,

Sons of the prophets were men associated together in a guild or school to be trained as prophets. Beth-el, the site of cultic calf-worship (I Kgs 12:28–29), was a strange location for a theological school. The prophets obviously were not too effective.

To me, this makes perfect sense! Instead of being prophets, these guys just learned how to be prophets. It’s the best of both worlds. People think you are a prophet, “Wow, you know Elijah?” And yet you never actually do any prophet work.

Sort of reminds me of seminary (somewhat ironical that I actually attended Bethel Seminary).

Let’s be sure we’re not stuck learning all the time to the point that we become totally ineffective. Learning to serve is no substitute for serving.

2 thoughts on “Prophet School”

  1. I bet they graded their young student prophets on a pass/fail basis. I mean, wasn’t that the deal…if an OT prophet was wrong, he died, right?

  2. Perhaps the death penalty for failing a test is why these guys never did anything!

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