Rechabites And You

Reading in Jeremiah this morning and noticed the Rechabites of chapter 35. These guys were told by their dad not to build houses, plant veggies or drink wine. God heard about that and had Jeremiah go set bowls and cups full of wine before them!

I think that’s funny.

Anyway, they refused to drink the wine explaining they had to listen to their dad. Jeremiah then asks the remaining folks of Jerusalem why they can’t listen to their Father who happens to be God when these guys listen to their earthly father even in the face of temptation. A fine question.

This illustrates a key lesson in life: There’s always someone out there making you look bad.

It’s a good question though, why do Christians have such a hard time listening and yet Mr. Dahl can captivate a class of 25 four-year-olds every day? It’s not the fault of the talker; it’s the fault of the listener.

Perhaps Christians should work harder at being more Rechabitic.

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