Playing God?

The argument that medical help is “playing God” is as warn out as the carpet in the ER at Cook County Hospital. At the same time, one wonders how long God will let people tamper with stuff.

Those crazy British people, who believe religion discriminates against women, as if, have gotten permission to create human-animal embryos for research. That seems odd.

At the same time, Thomas Beatie is about to give birth to a baby. Yes, a man is about to give birth. He’s a transsexual. He was a woman until his 20’s when he became a man and is now going to have a baby via cesarean.

I’m wondering if there is any connection between these stories and this one: Americans are no longer donating as much to world disasters because there are so many of them now! Coincidence? Probably, but it’s fun to play Pat Robertson sometimes.

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