Speaking Pet Peeves

I do not consider myself to be a great speaker. I know my issues I need to work on. But I also know that I’m better than a lot of speakers I’ve heard.

This comes from having to sit through many, many church related events listening to many, many church related speakers. I’ll sum up my conclusions on churchy event speaking with one sentence:

Just because you can talk doesn’t mean you should.


I have several speaking pet peeves. One is when speakers say “And with this I”ll conclude” or “One more point before closing.” Just close all ready. Inevitably, the last point is a forty-five minute point. Don’t tease.

The boys at Freakonomics adequately sum up another pet peeve of mine, “People who say that they’re going to be brief often aren’t. Indeed, the very time taken to say that you are going to be brief works to negate the claim.”


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