Padre Pio Rises From The Dead

Padre Pio was a popular saint in Italy who had the stigmata–the bleeding wounds of Christ on his body. He died forty-years ago. To celebrate the anniversary of his death, the infallible Roman Catholic Church decided to dig up his body so the faithful could pray to him.

Apparently being under dirt takes away some of your prayer answering power or something. They also wanted to see how Pio’s body was doing. The stigmata was gone but otherwise, he’s looking good, not a day over 40-years dead.
Praying to saints is one of the doctrines of the Catholic Church that Protestants have a big problem with. There is one mediator between God and man–Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2:5). All believers in Christ are God’s royal priesthood and saints, so one saint’s prayers don’t have more pull than another saint’s prayers–God is no respecter of persons.

But, as with most Catholic doctrine, it undermines the supremacy of Christ. If I need a saint’s intercession it means Christ’s isn’t good enough (Hebrews 7:22-25). I have a problem with that, as does God.

2 thoughts on “Padre Pio Rises From The Dead”

  1. I saw this guy’s picture last week in St. Peter’s Basilica, but I didn’t know his story. Now I know and I still don’t care.

    The Vatican museums are some of the most marvelous repositories of great art that I have ever seen. The Sistine Chapel was awesome, too. Astoundingly beautiful.

    But the Catholic Church’s fascination with itself, it’s history, it’s influence, it’s superstitions, and the perpetuation of it’s earthly authority is even more disturbing up close than it is from a distance.

  2. I can imagine that would be pretty creepy to be there. So close to the antichrist and everything.

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