Jordan Baptisms

Stranger Christians than I think it is more spiritual to be baptized in certain places. Take the Jordan River, for instance. This is where Jesus was baptized, so if you really want a cool baptism go get dunked in the Jordan.

Thousands of weird Christians have done this over the years, so many that it is drawing some concerns by the Israeli government. Apparently, there is a steep bank to the river that has caused many people to get hurt in the past.

So they closed the river to baptisms!

Instead, they set up tubs of river water and pumped water from the Jordan into showers on the riverbanks. Some pilgrims were upset, but others were content to be near the holy site.

Oh man! I would be ticked off big time if I paid to go over there to be baptized only to take a bath in dirty river water others have used. I’d be doubting my salvation if I were baptized in a tub rather than the real deal.

2 thoughts on “Jordan Baptisms”

  1. Actually, you can get little bottles of Jordan River water – and a t-shirt that says you were baptized in the Jordan River. I saw them in the gift shop

  2. Yeah, but do they have any “I was baptized in a tub next to the Jordan River” t-shirts?

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