Jesus Candy

Not only has Jesus shown up in a hospital in Florida, He has now shown up on a piece of candy in Florida. There’s something He’s trying to get across to you Floridians. Go to the article to see a video of the candy.

However, whatever it is He’s trying to get across, the owner of the Jesus Candy doesn’t appear to be picking up on it.

“Maybe if I can get people crazy enough to buy it, I might sell it,” she said. Perry says she isn’t convinced it’s a sign from God, but she still thinks it’s pretty cool.

Wow, when Jesus shows up, you should really know why. Who knows what He’ll do next to get His point across.

UPDATE! One of the AIM’s loyal readers has responded to this post with allegations that this Jesus appearance could indeed be a fraud! Read on!

“This is a outright fraud. I have been eating this kind of candy for same time now. “This candy has been sucked on till they got the appearence they wanted”… The appearence of the candy keeps changing as you suck on it.

Heres a pic of the candy before placing in your mouth (note the original shape, not sucked on yet like the Jesus Candy). FRAUD ! FRAUD ! FRAUD ! Included is a pic I took of the unaldulterated candy.

(If you want to know more about Jesus sightings, how to get them and how to profit by them email to jcweddle1 at for our free guide to Jesus Sightings: Visions of Jesus!)

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  1. There is a radio show host I can’t really stand listening to but that was what the station at work was tuned to. Anyway, out of all the off color,rude,babble I heard him speak over a period of time, one thing he said made sense. It was after a potatoe chip sighting, He said if Jesus were to show up on earth, He would probably pick something other than a potatoe chip.

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