Strange Verse

One of the strangest people in Scripture is Samson. What a weird guy. What was God thinking with that one?

To me, the strangest verse of the Samson saga is Judges 14:6. Here an angry lion charges at Samson and his parents so the Spirit of God grants him lion-tearing strength.

The author of Judges knew that many, if not most, of his readers would have no lion tearing experiences of their own, at least not ones they could remember. To me it seems pretty tough, although I’ve never tried it.

So the author puts in a qualifying statement to help us understand just how strong Samson was while tearing the lion to bits, “and he tore the lion apart as one would have torn apart a young goat.”

Oh, well, now I can relate. Apparently, the author of Judges knew that his readers would have more goat tearing experience than lion tearing experience so he gives us a nice aid to help our understanding.

Now, I must say, it has been awhile since my hands have torn goat flesh, but I remember back in the day how easy it was. We would have parties in the backyard, the whole neighborhood would be there. We’d play a little softball, a little volleyball and then we’d sit down and tear goats.

Ah, the memories.

What a strange person.

2 thoughts on “Strange Verse”

  1. You have to wonder if the story was written today, exactly what the comparison would be. My money is on bags of chips. I can tear about a bag of chips in two seconds flat.

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