Old Guys

It’s great to know guys who have been around, who know things and can lend perspective. Old guys can be depressing though. Being around a long time rarely leads to being happy!

Moses was a grumpy old man. When Moses gave the Law the second time in Deuteronomy he was dealing with a bunch of teenagers. Every old person was dead except Joshua and Caleb. Moses was the resident old curmudgeon.

Moses was 120 years old. He’d seen some things. He was a bit ticked off at the kid’s dumb parents who tempted the Lord for 40 years. But he was hoping for a fresh start with this new crop of Israelites.

The kids had to be in awe of Moses. He was the oldest guy they knew, by far. He was at least three times older than they were. He was the first man in the Bible to work miracles. He was familiar with the Pharaohs. He witnessed the great Deliverance they had only heard about.

But as optimistic as Moses was trying to be, he knew man. He knew what was going to happen. This new crop was going to do the same thing as the old crop. But Moses went on, giving them the Law the second time, because those who heard it first were all dead now.

God did not allow Moses into the Promised Land. People generally interpret this as being a sad thing. “Poor Moses, all that work and no pay.” I doubt it. I think Moses was totally thrilled knowing he wouldn’t have to spend any more time with these guys!

He went through it once, why bother doing it again? How much better to go and be with the Lord? Moses’ sufferings were over. Don’t feel bad for him; feel bad for all those who had to stay.

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  1. Never thought of it that way – he did get to a different promised land, didn’t he?

    Good thought to start the day.

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