Unchurched Want Churchy Churches

Bad news for shoe box churches: The unchurched think your church is ugly.

In order to attract the ungodly heathen types, churches have been getting further away from traditional architecture to more multi-purpose buildings. They emote a feeling of usefulness with no guilt or churchy ickyness.

But there’s a problem. A new study has found that the unchurched would prefer going to a cathedral with candles and echoey ceilings that reverberate coughing. They want to feel something religious.

What to do? Throw a few candles on the backboards? Instead of raising the roof with rockin praise choruses, perhaps we should literally raise the roof? How about a few idols, just to make it more comfortable for the heathen?

So stupid. Come quickly.

HT: Thunderstruck

3 thoughts on “Unchurched Want Churchy Churches”

  1. I think all youth fight against what they see as tradition/their parents/authority. And for these young people coming up, they’re revolting against the “system.”( As though that’s never been thought of before. )

    It’s a cycle.

  2. Wow, who are you who are so wise in the ways of youth? You should consider being a youth pastor, what with this and your pentient for giving people boils and all.

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