Predestination Theory

I just came up with a theory I’d like to throw out there for peer review.

Jesus mentions His Father drawing people and how salvation is impossible without God’s work several times. John 6:65 is one example. In this context He is talking about people who won’t believe.

In other places, when a person does believe, Jesus praises them for their faith, “I tell you I have not seen such great faith, no not even in Israel.”

So, here’s my theory: when people receive Christ as Savior He praises them for their faith; when they reject Christ as Savior, He softens the blow by saying they couldn’t because God didn’t elect them.

The softening of the blow is not for them in their rejection, as in making them feel better, but that rejecting Christ wasn’t the messenger’s fault it was God’s “fault.”

So, in our day, when people reject the Gospel we don’t get depressed, lose heart and give up, we chalk it up to God’s sovereignty and are then able to keep plugging.

Wondering if there are exceptions you can think of. Any time where God says to one who believes, “it was God?” Or, vice-verse, any times when a person rejected and God said it was specifically their fault?

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