Jesus In Shower

A man in Florida was taking a shower until he was rudely interrupted by the Son of God. “I was taking a shower and something told me to look to the left,” Theo Grimes said. “First thing that came to my mind – that’s Jesus.”

Coincidental that his name is Theo? That would be the Greek word for “God” for those of you who read the NIV.

The best news of this whole miracle is the result. “Grimes said his bathroom has become a prayer room. “I’m not cleaning it,” he said. “It’s my praying room.” How sweet is that? My wife is wishing Jesus makes her stop cleaning our bathroom soon too.

He’s contemplating eBay as well. Jesus better watch out, He’s flooding the market. Prices for Jesus stains are going to drop soon. Not good.

2 thoughts on “Jesus In Shower”

  1. Ooh! Ooh! I saw Jesus in the dust on our bookshelf! And on my dirty kitchen floor! This is awesome, I better not pick up a cleaning rag. (All our works are as filthy rags anyway…it’s not like they’re going to clean anything.)

  2. As a reader of the NIV version, I feel I have to state that I really did know that Theo means God.

    Is this the sort of persecution I’m supposed to rejoice in?

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