Jesus Window

A woman in Oregon found an image of Jesus on her window about four years ago. She is now selling her house, but before she moves, she is taking the window out and selling it on eBay.

The woman said she is not a Christian but the Jesus on her window helped her through a tough time in life and she just wants to help others by selling it to them. How thoughtful of her.

Here, however, is the million dollar quote:

“The fact that this image has come into a non-Christian households says, you know what, it’s OK that you’re not Christian – I’m still there.”

2 thoughts on “Jesus Window”

  1. Hey, this lady could be on to something. I’m going to not clean my windows for eons and see what shows up in the dirt. Oh wait, I already haven’t ever cleaned my windows. Man, I could be sitting on a gold mine!!!


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