Jesus Cheeto

A youth pastor found a Cheeto that, in his mind, resembles Jesus. One of his youths has affectionately named it “Cheesus.” He has kept the Cheeto for a few years now on his bookshelf, not sure why it’s making news now, perhaps it’s the smell.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Cheeto”

  1. The Cheeto Jesus is an example of people longing for a “sign” to fill the emptiness in their lives or maybe shore up faltering beliefs. This is exactly why God discouraged idol worship and why drawings or pictures depicting Muhammad are prohibited.

    I would tell the minister who found Cheesus (as I was crushing Cheesus between my fingers) that the one true God is found within, in your heart, mind, soul and spirit. Not in a bag of greasy corn puffs. I’ve written about it here.

    Happy Easter!

  2. From what I know of youth pastors, I have a feeling he’s just being “funny.” I doubt he is an idolater.

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