Jesus And Malcolm Gladwell

I read Acts 1:15 where Peter addresses the followers of Christ after the ascension. Luke takes the time to note that there were “about 120” followers. It struck me weird that he included the number.

As my mind stuck on the weirdness, I thought of Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point. A number popped into my head that Gladwell said was the magic number that turns a movement into an epidemic.

Was it 120? It was something like that. Wouldn’t it be something if Jesus had called the magic number years before Gladwell thought it up? I ran down and got my copy. It’s 150. Man, if only there were 30 more followers of Christ Christianity would not have had such a cruel running.
Author and intellectual adventurer Malcolm Gladwell in his NewYork apartment.
But then I got to thinking that if Luke uses “about” like most churches, there were probably only 37 people there anyway. So, not only was my theory not true it falls miserably short.

Oh well, it was just a thought.
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