God’s Memory Book

The Bible continually talks about four main events. These events are described often in the present, many are foretold and many are looked back on. All four acts are repeatedly brought up throughout the Bible.

Each of the four acts has one point and one main question with it.

Act One: Creation
God’s statement: Look how awesome I am!
God’s question for us in relation to it: Who are you to question me?

Act Two: Exodus from Egypt
God’s statement: Look how powerful I am!
God’s question: How are you not listening to me?

Act Three: Jesus Christ
God’s statement: Look how much I love you!
God’s question: How can you reject me?

Act Four: Final Judgment
God’s statement: Look how angry sin makes me!
God’s question: Where’s your fear?

These four acts of God are important to Him: He’s always bringing them up. He wants us to see that He runs the show. Put your faith in Him.

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  1. What a great way of communicating this. I never thought of it that way. You’re awesome!

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