Decline Of The American Church

Found an article talking about why people aren’t going to church anymore.

“My primary assessment would be because American Christians tend to be incredibly self-indulgent so they see the church as a place there for them to meet their needs and to express faith in a way that is meaningful for them,” said cultural architect Erwin McManus, lead pastor at Mosaic Church in Los Angeles.

“There is almost no genuine compassion or urgency about serving and reaching people who don’t know Christ,” he added.

A further reading of the article tends to say that mainline denominations don’t change, where as cool churches like Mosaic do and that’s why people go there: It aint boring. But Erwin does maintain that the decline is a heart matter

“I think the bottom line really is our own spiritual narcissism. There are methods and you can talk about style, structure and music, but in the end it really comes down to your heart and what you care about.”

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