Pat Robertson’s Cocaine Fed Producer

Pat Robertson, a health nut with his own special healthy shake product, laughed about his producer’s great health secret: doing cocaine!

Pat laughed about it and moved on. The man is weird.

According to Pat, a “700 Club” producer bragged to him several years ago about ingesting a “paste of cocoa” to keep him strong. “Not cocoa like hot chocolate,” Pat explained, “but cocoa like cocaine.” Pat displayed his grasp of the U.S. legal system, saying “As I understand, the distribution of cocaine and its derivatives are against the law.” That didn’t stop Pat from having a good laugh at his coke-using producer’s expense.


2 thoughts on “Pat Robertson’s Cocaine Fed Producer”

  1. If you check the context, Pat was talking about how a producer told him how Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez bragged about ingesting a “paste of cocoa.”

    Please do not let the Huffington Post be your only news source. Do some research.

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