Case And Point

Awhile back I did a post about a dumb article I read about how the church was supposed to reform society just like Nehemiah and Ezra did. My point then and now is that the “revival” didn’t work.

Yesterday a temple seal was found from Nehemiah’s day. If you look closely at the top of the seal you will notice a curious symbol.

See it? See it? Right above the altar thinger and their uplifted hands? Here’s what it is:

A crescent moon, the symbol of the chief Babylonian god Sin, appears on the top of the altar.

Got that? It’s a heathen god’s symbol included in a temple seal. This is our example for reforming society. I say we must be doing something right, eh?

One thought on “Case And Point”

  1. But if you turn it sideways, hold it just right, and then squint….yeah, I see it! It’s the face of Jesus!!!

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