Oh, But She’s A Christian

One of my pet peeves about Christianity is our willingness to label people “Christians.” They say “Jesus” once and for the rest of their lives, regardless of resumed lifestyle, we know them as “Christians.”

I personally find it blasphemous, not to mention insulting to true followers.

The Bible is clear about what a Christian’s life will look like. Neither Jessica Simpson nor Britney’s Mom is what it describes. It also doesn’t describe Mel Gibson or Michael Vick.

Again, I’m not God and my judgment is based on externals not the heart. At the same time “we will know them by their fruit.” The Bible does say what we can expect to see out of a believer, I’ve yet to see it much in our churches let alone on my TV.

Matthew 13 describes the time period we are living in. Christ uses several parables to describe this age.

He refers to it as “the kingdom of heaven” and we can know He’s not referring to the Millennial Kingdom because He says the prophets don’t know about it (13:11-17). We are currently in the Mystery Form of the Kingdom or the Spiritual Kingdom (Colossians 1:13).

The point of all His parables is that the Mystery Form of the Kingdom will look huge but in reality it will be filled with false professors. It’s inflated with evil leaven. Many plants growing; only one bears fruit. A net filled with fish, many of which have to be cast out.

Paul and Peter explain our age more in their books–many professors, few believers (Titus 1:16; 2 Peter 2).

I’m sure in saying this the majority opinion will be that I’m judgmental and evil for condemning others when I don’t know their heart. I don’t. What I do know is that accepting people as believers when they aren’t leads people to hell. Pointing out their error leads people to heaven (James 5:19,20).

Part of loving people is to judge them (Philippians 1:9). We do love and the Faith a disservice when we accept anyone and everyone, just because they said “Jesus” once. Even the demons believe. Even Judas was a disciple. People who think they’re believers can be further from heaven than those who know they aren’t (Matthew 21:31).

Don’t demean the Lord Jesus Christ by calling heathen sinners “Christ’s representatives.” Let’s be careful with our willingness to accept professions when the works deny it because the Judge won’t be fooled (Matthew 7:22,23). It’ll be too late then, it’s not too late now.

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