College Destroys Faith?

It wasn’t long ago I was told that 80% of “Christian” kids who go to public schools will renounce their faith by the end of high school. I found that absolutely ridiculous but then it only gets worse. If a Christian kid actually does survive high school, odds are if he goes to college he’ll come home on Christmas break praying to Buddha.

Well Christian parents, relax. No need for hyper-sensitive reactions. There’s a new study out showing that Christian kids don’t lose their faith at college.

Texas researchers found that college students were less likely to lose their religion than others in their age group, 18 to 25 years old.

Of the Texas study subjects, interviewed in 2001-02, almost 24 percent of those who never attended college said religion had become less important to them, compared with 15 percent of those who had earned a bachelor’s degree. The workplace is much more hostile to religion than the campus.

So there grieving Christian parent waiting for your Christian kid to fall off the deep end. They won’t do it in college, they’ll wait until the have a job. Now you can sleep better.

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