Pastor Salaries

Christianity Today is about to release their latest survey on pastor’s salaries. Here is an initial revelation of their findings. They found in part that

Presbyterian senior pastors earned the most in our survey—their average salary plus housing/parsonage was $78,000, while Baptist senior pastors earned next to last–$67,000.

$67,000 is next to last! That’s incredible to me. Apparently, the best way to make money pastoring is to be a woman pastor with a doctorate preaching in a Presbyterian church.

I would also like to point out that women pastors get paid more than male pastors. They scratch their heads as to how that could be the case. Me, being an individual with no corporate image to uphold, can answer the conundrum quite easily.

Scripture couldn’t be clearer on the issue of women not being allowed to be pastors. Churches, in an effort to make up for doing the forbidden, will pay them more money to ease their guilt and keep them happy.

This would be similar to the rising costs of having a wedding: The more a couple spends on their wedding the more likely they are to get a divorce (See the last paragraph). Spending money is compensating for a lack of integrity. Perhaps the more a pastor gets paid the more the church is covering guilt? Just a theory.

Let me also add that 73% of Americans make less than $50,000 a year. Pastors are making on average about $70,000. Pastors are doing a great job following the example of Christ: We become rich so they are made poor. Oh wait, wait a minute now. I think we got that backwards.

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