Philosophy Of Church Part 5—Money

The New Testament says specifically and repeatedly that false teachers can be detected by their constant begging for money and feeding their own desires. Since churches are following the pattern of the world they need lots and lots of money.

This leads to lots and lots of begging for money. If you need money desperately you will change the message to be palatable so people will come and drop their wallets in your pocket.

The church is supposed to collect money (1 Corinthians 16:2). In order to be in this world you need money, that’s just the way it is. This being the case, we should also expect to see what a church is to spend their money on.

In my search of Scripture I have concluded that a church is supposed to spend money on the following things.

1. Paying their pastor
2. Helping the poor and the widows
3. Supporting ministers of the Gospel in other places
4. That’s pretty much it

Anything else you spend money on is more than likely just an expense of the world tacked on. Some of these you can’t avoid–legal fees, insurance, rent, postage, etc., but many can be avoided by knocking off doing worldly things—powerpoint, organs, decorations, icons, anything having to do with Veggie Tales, etc.

The bottom line is that every church should carefully examine their spending habits and make sure they are in alignment with Scripture. By reducing costs, it reduces your need for money, which leads to reducing the amount of heresy the church will teach.

All financial doings should be above board, checked by several people, spent in the fear of God and given in the fear of God.

One thought on “Philosophy Of Church Part 5—Money”

  1. I think The Message Bible says churches are supposed to have wireless mics and a decent PA. I know, I know…the KJV doesn’t translate it quite like that.

    If we could just cap the size of our congregations down to 75 or so, and keep the crying babies to a minimum, pastors could just talk loud and we wouldn’t even need electronics.

    I would be out of a job!

    Of course, then EVERYBODY, including the crying babies, better tithe faithfully or the pastor will have to be pumping gas or betting on NBA games to feed his family.

    And how are the people going to know they should tithe? Who will tell them?

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