Professional Christian’s Dilemma

Christians who get paid to do Christianesque things face a dilemma: in order to survive (make money) you have to do something to attract people with money. Unfortunately, people are already so distracted that you have to become more and more bizarre.

If you want to write a book and make money you have to come up with something new. If you want to be invited to speak places you have to have originality. If you want to “be known” you have to develop a specialty that no one else has cornered.

Unfortunately, this desire to be new, original and specialized has led to a lot of heresy. All false religions were started by people trying to be these things.

Paul says to walk according to the same rule and to mind the same thing. But if we all said, thought and lived the same stuff, who would buy my book? I gotta be weird and outrageous, then I’ll get noticed.

This is the dilemma. How do you self-promote in a faith that says self-promotion is wrong?

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