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I came across this deal here that is an open letter to Evangelicals. The point of the letter is to express concern over Christians supporting Israel in their oppression of Palestinians. It is written to get signatures by pastors and educators who will agree to teach that Israel has been replaced in God’s program and they will never get an earthly kingdom.

It is signed by about 150 guys, most of them Presbyterians, and most notably by R. C. Sproul. The concept that Israel will not get a literal kingdom on earth is known as Covenant Theology or Replacement Theology or Amillennialism. It has been around for awhile, it ain’t nothing new. It got its major impetus from Augustine and the Roman Catholic Church, who saw itself as God’s Kingdom.

I will not be signing the letter as I believe they are wrong. Israel will get a literal kingdom on earth or else God is one hugely fantastic liar. I fail to see how one can read the OT and not come to this conclusion.

Here is just one example of why I think this Letter is hooey. “No New Testament writer foresees a regathering of ethnic Israel in the land, as did the prophets of the Old Testament after the destruction of the first temple.”

You’ve got to be kidding me! Romans 11:26,27 says it quite well and that’s just one example. It’s a large subject and one that is important to understand. The idea that Israel will get it’s Kingdom is fading fast from Christianity.

I will agree with this Letter in that it gives concern over the hyperness of our desire to kill people to get Israel in their land. If a literal interpretation of Scripture means anything, it says quite clearly this will be God’s doing, not US foreign policy’s doing.

All that being said, be aware of the growing tide of Amillennialism. It’s a false teaching and undermines God’s eternal plan, glory and purpose.

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  1. It may be contrary to God’s plan, but it certainly doesn’t undermine it. God knew about the letter before the guy who wrote it was born — and before the Old Testament was written.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It undermines the teaching of those things is clearly what I meant. Clearly.

  3. For crying out loud…

    Even a cursory examination of the OT shows that God has little patience for those who stand against or persecute Israel. And in the OT, God is always referring to “national” Israel, even when He may also be referring to “spiritual” Israel.

    Romans 9:6-9 illustrates how not every individual Jew is reckoned as a child of God, but that in no way negates God’s promises of land and inheritance to Abraham, Isaac, et al. Romans 15:7-12 clearly states that it was always God’s plan to graft the Gentiles into His plan as well, in addition to, but by no means in place, the nation of Israel.

    Do the Presbies’s really want to get on the wrong side of this equation?

  4. The whole thing is a tad goofy and yet many people adhere to it. Another statement he made that is odd is the idea that no one in any age has ever anticipated land, just a heavenly call. You’d have trouble convincing me of that with Abraham. Get up and move to a land I will show you. It’s tragic really.

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