What’s Latin For "Antichrist?"

It was one of the most radical reforms to emerge from the Second Vatican Council. The Mass, root of Roman Catholic worship, would be celebrated in the local language and not in Latin.

Now, little more than a generation later, Pope Benedict XVI is poised to revive the 16th-century Tridentine Mass (in Latin).

That’ll help. I also hear they are going to start doing Bingo in Latin.

2 thoughts on “What’s Latin For "Antichrist?"”

  1. I never understood that. What’s the use of doing mass in Latin when nobody in the church speaks Latin? It made a little more sense back in the day when it was the scholarly language. But since the New and Old Testaments aren’t written in Latin, I have trouble imagining an even half-way reasonable explanation for Latin masses.

    Ooh… it does sound cool. That might be it.

  2. The pope is ultimately concerned with the coolness factor. hence the cool hat.

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