Why I Hate Being A Pastor

There are many reasons why I love being a pastor, but let me just share my number one reason why I hate it: BECAUSE I CAN’T SIN!

Allow me to explain. The last two stupid church softball games I have been in there have been a couple “rule stretching” situations. I’m the stupid coach and I’m also the pastor. I hate confronting other teams on rule stretching.

I’m not saying they did anything wrong, I’m saying I didn’t have the guts to go find out by asking. Reason why: I know I’ll sin.

I’m competitive. My favorite coaches in sports are Bobby Knight and Mike Ditka. I like a little yellin and screamin chair throwin. But ever since I became a pastor I have to keep my mouth shut and stay away from chairs.

I was a coach once before I was a pastor. I got in trouble for yelling at the umpires, my players, other players, and I think I even yelled at some stupid parents. My pre-pastor sport playing career also consisted of technical fouls and yelling at my coach, other people on my team and other people on other teams.

I was funny too. It wasn’t just nonsensical yelling. It was timely, biting sarcasm at full throat. I had many a fine point.

I’m not opposed to how pastoring has calmed me, I needed it. But it eats me up to stand and do nothing and let things go because I know I’ll sin if I even start. So far God has not rewarded my team for my restraint. In fact, we lost both games, which is what eats me even more.

I’m just saying, it’s what I hate. That’s all. I’m done. Seriously, I’m done. I coach no more. I’m done.

One thought on “Why I Hate Being A Pastor”

  1. There’s nothing wrong with not coaching if it tempts you too much to sin. I have exactly the same challenge, Jeff. I sometimes tell people, only half-jokingly, that I don’t play; I fight.

    When I was on a church league softball team a few years back the church turned the microscope on me as minister. Before and during every game I literally had to remind myself not to care whether we won or lost, or how stupid our own players did. Once I gave up on me or anyone else performing better than ridiculously, I was able to have a good time and not embarrass the church. Also, after organizing the team, I turned coaching over to someone else. That decision probably kept me from being fired or arrested. Peace.

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