Who Are You?

Jesus Christ is the center of Christianity, without Him there is nothing left. It is no surprise that Satan will try his hardest to destroy the person of Jesus Christ.

Many have called into question Christ’s deity. If I had written the Bible, I would have done a better job stating things plainly! I kid, I kid. But it would be nice if Scripture came right out and said stuff, “Hey, Jesus is God.”

Well, it pretty much does! John 1:1 is pretty clear and here’s another clear one from Acts 20:28, “. . . feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.”

“His own blood” is a deep statement. God, who is a spirit, humbled Himself to become flesh, part of His own creation, to die for it. He shed His own blood, giving His life for us.

To say that Christ was some guy whom God used and kept perfect undermines the love of our Creator for His creation. It undermines the doctrine of inherited sin. It calls into question who is the Head of the Church. Basically, if Christ is not God, Scripture is complete nonsense.

If you throw this out, you might as well chuck the rest. Jesus Christ is God. It’s a foundational truth, without it, faith crumbles.

2 thoughts on “Who Are You?”

  1. But wait! There’s more! What about John 8:58.

    Also, Jesus’ words in John 18:6 are usually translated “I am he”, but in fact they are simply, “I am” (ego eimi). And when Jesus says it, the name of God knocks his accosters flat.

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