The Vow Is Over

OK, so I wouldn’t make a good monk. My vow of silence is over, I’ve been pushed over the edge.

Someone in my house, who will remain nameless, was watching American Idol Gives Back where all these rich people tell all us poor people to give our money to starving people.

I’m all for feeding starving people, I do it every day, but the nerve of some of these people.

Madonna, Madonna for crying out loud was telling me, Jeff Weddle, how I need to feel guilty about kids in Africa with AIDS and how they need my money to stop AIDS.

You know why people have AIDS Madonna? Because people have sex, Madonna. And you, Madonna, have spent your career telling young girls to go ahead and have as much sex as possible and now they all have AIDS.

Who has done more to prevent AIDS in this world, a monogamous pastor or a slutty, sex-pushing singer?

Listen Madonna, my money is not going to stop AIDS. You know what stops AIDS, Madonna? People not having sex stops AIDS. People don’t need my money, they need Jesus Christ because Jesus stops people from having sex.

Er, something.

Ya’ll be tellin‘ me. . . .

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