4 thoughts on “Must Read”

  1. The site’s author has horribly narrow vision for a person with that kind of education.

    I’ve read the NIV since I could read. Does that mean I have to become gay now? That just doesn’t seem for to me. Nobody told me that when I started. Can I have a redo?

  2. So, the word “for” should be “fair” in the third to last sentence. I need a proof reader.

  3. I agree that the guy lacks, what do you call it, depth. But, unfortunately, he’s right, all people who read the NIV are gay. Not much you can do about it. Too bad for you. Better luck next time.

  4. The only problem with the NIV is that it paraphrases in order to make scripture more accessible to readers so that they might be able to read the Gospel and understand it. terrible stuff, we should give out KJV because everyone grasps that….

    Even after 20 years of Theological education, I still can’t be as narrow as that guy, but i will keep trying, in between struggling with my gay-ness

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