Here I Stand

In my brief research into Luther biographies, this one kept surfacing as the best one, so I went for it.

It is very well written and he certainly gives you a good grasp of the man with many first-hand quotes from Luther’s voluminous writings. Luther was incredible for the amount of stuff he accomplished in life.

The book bogs down some with all the church squabbling that Luther created but had nothing to do with, but it was necessary to show all that.

Luther was a funny man, a bit sarcastic and always battling something. Bainton admits that most biographers skip the last 16 years of Luther’s life because he went nuts and got carried away in his vitriol. He called for the removal of Jews and the killing of Anabaptists. Oops.

Luther was also a man who struggled with faith and depression, yet he kept going in his quest to show people their justification through faith in Christ without the trappings of the Pope.

If you want to know more about this fascinating man, read this book.

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