No Point, Just A Thought

Most of us are aware that Jesus predicted His resurrection by pointing to the sign of Jonah, buried in the fish for three days. We know there is a picture of Christ in Jonah.

Maybe I’m just dumb, or wasn’t paying attention, but there are other similarities between the two guys.

Both were sent to preach salvation to lost people.
Both slept in a boat during a storm.
Both calmed the waters of a storm.
Both had plants that were cursed and died.
Both were apprehensive to carry out their mission.
Both did their mission anyway.
Both were buried for three days.
Both were resurrected.
Both saved a multitude of people after their resurrection.

As with all pictures of Christ, the only perfect man, there are vast differences between the two, but I find all the similarities to be intriguing. I’m sure there are some more.

2 thoughts on “No Point, Just A Thought”

  1. Good observations.

    I love the way Noah’s story ends, too, when he gets p.o.’d at God for saving everyone. That, happily, is not at all like Jesus…but it is a lot like me.

  2. So you’re saying that Jonah went postal? Get it, P.O.’d, postal. Yeah, anyway, it is nice that there are vast differences between the guys. The most disturbing part about Jonah is the abrupt ending. One of God’s reasons for saving Ninevah was because of all the animals, which is interesting too.

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