Let me preface this post with this: I know I have a bad attitude, but seriously.

I accidentally listened to Christian radio today and heard the tail end of a song where I heard the following line six times in its last 30 seconds.

When He was on the cross,
I was on His mind.

Oh, gag, aaaaaaaccccccckkkkkkkk.

What a load of pompous drivel that is. Who does this woman think she is that she was on Christ’s mind on the cross? I mean seriously, read the Book, nothing that came out of Christ’s mouth leads me to believe that Christ had this woman on His mind at that point.

What I hear is that Christ had His Father on His mind.

Oh, the abject theological poverty of modern Christian songs. It’s all about me, me, me. Get off yourself. Learn from Christ, who did not live for Himself or for me, He lived to do the will of His Father. Let’s follow His lead.

One thought on “Gag”

  1. Eh…you could be wound a little tight on this one…

    First, it could be metaphorish…songwriters do that. So do poets and other types of writers.

    Secondly, although I’m not saying He actually was thinking of me as He hung dying on the cross, I do not think that it is an unreasonable stretch to suppose that He by whose hands all that is was created and through whom all that is is held together, and whose matchless eternal power and glory was in no way diminished by His earthbound humanness…yeah, He coulda done it.

    Then again, you could be right.

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