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Sweden is publishing a magazine, “Bible Illuminated, Gamla Testament: The Book,” that is publishing the Old Testament in magazine issues with sensuous photos, text boxes and sidebars.

He noted that millions of magazines are sold every month in Europe and hopes that presenting the Old Testament in magazine format will give it a greater appeal to readers.

“It’s closer to the way people read today,” said Söderberg. “People prefer a text that is journalistically laid out: split into articles, with headlines, quote boxes, pictures and captions. This way they can more easily pick the parts they’re interested in reading.”

They plan on making an English version as well as a New Testament. I can hardly wait.

3 thoughts on “Bible Tabloid”

  1. They already have a teen woman’s New Testament that has ths same lay out as a teen magazine, complete with beauty tips and excessive use of the color pink.

  2. Yes, they’re already doing this.
    I have the teen New Testament.

    It’s not all bad.

  3. I’m pretty sure that what this is talking about is not what you guys are talking about. This Swedish thing is basically soft porn.

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