The Silence Of Preaching

Two news stories today struck me as interesting. Al Gore is being exposed as wasting tons of electricity, more than average people, even though he goes all over the place telling us to stop raping Mother Earth.

Prince Charles is calling for a ban on McDonald’s as being horrible food, meanwhile, his own brand of Duchy Original pastries is much worse than a Big Mac!

The proliferation of information and the free access we all have to get it out there is keeping people more honest, or at least demonstrating more hypocrisy. This is something Christians should take to heart.

The reason we have been accused of hypocrisy so much is because we are hypocrites. It’s actually nice to see it being admitted that Christians do not have the corner on the market. However, this is no excuse.

The reason why much of our preaching has little effect is because our lives don’t back it up. You can talk to you’re blue in the face about your pet doctrines but if they aren’t being lived in your life people will find out and the power is gone.

One of the reasons the Apostles had some success in preaching and converting is because you could not find fault with their lives. They were unbelievably consistent with their message. Christ is the ultimate example, He demands nothing He didn’t do.

Granted, we’ll all fail and Christianity sets us up to be hypocrites, and that should be part of our theology as well, along with the resultant humility that should arise because of that fact. But we point to Christ, and that being the case, our lives should do so as well.

One thought on “The Silence Of Preaching”

  1. Definitely agree with what you say, though was interested on reading the Gore article to find that the accusation against him is more hype than reality – and that he gets his electricity from ‘green’ sources where possible and offsets his carbon footprint through environmental investment. It’s not perfect but he does seem to be addressing the issue in a real way.

    Doesn’t distract from the point of your posting though, Jeff, good stuff as always!

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