Esther And Women

My wife has been at a ladies’ Bible study about the book of Esther, a book which I just read again the other day. I asked my wife why women always study Esther.

“Because it’s a woman who is empowered to have some control and help.” She said.

“Yeah, but all she did was get beautiful and sleep with a king, how is that empowering to women? Isn’t the whole message rather demeaning, especially to ugly women?” I asked with true curiosity.

“Well, she didn’t just sleep with him, she made him dinner too.”

“Ah, say no more.” The book of Esther is a tad weird in my mind and there are many elements of the account that make me wonder why women want to study it so much, since seemingly every women’s Bible study ever has studied the book.

In my mind, the true point of Esther is this: Esther is from a despised group of people yet is unbelievably beautiful in the eyes of the king, the very same king who OK’s the destruction of Esther’s people.

Esther is a picture of Christ. Christ is rejected, and yet beautiful in God’s eyes. God has marked all sinners for destruction, yet Christ intercedes and begs for their pardon and God assents.

Esther is not about women’s empowerment nor is it about being a beautiful cook, it is about the empowerment of anyone to intercede on behalf of others, just as Christ did for us. But being a beautiful cook is good too.

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  1. A book I read recently “Lost Women of the Bible” had an interesting chapter on Esther…. suggesting that Esther actually wasn’t that great of an example – she went along with a process that was against God (in other words, she conformed to the times)… it was interesting to hear somebody give a different view of Esther.

    I recommend the book to your lovely wife.

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