Good And Bad

I biked 25 miles on Saturday and came across this house that had built a wall separating the house from the road. The unique thing is that the wall is made out of firewood. The picture does not do it justice. I thought it was a beautiful piece of work, he even turns a corner with the wood wall. If you’ve ever stacked wood, you’ll appreciate this fine work of art.

Unfortunately, during this ride, my chain began flopping all over and even fell off once as it is worn out. So today I took my bike in to the shop to have its annual $200 maintenance done to it. So, that means I will not have a bike for a week finalizing yet another horrible February.

I will finish the month with 158 miles and a year total of 458. This will also get March off to a bad start as well. I will now have to find other ways to exercise this week. Luckily we are getting lots of snow this week so I should be able to do some fun things outside.

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  1. Not only have you stacked the same wood many times, you have stacked the same wood I have stacked many times.

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