Keeping Doctors Away

I was talking to an older man today who has had a number of medical problems and he gave me some good advice. He said, “Stay away from doctors, they always find something wrong.”

It’s true, they do.

I was brought up with a healthy fear of doctors. In fact, I was even given a healthy fear of hospitals or anyone who spoke of their recent medical trauma. For some reason, I would get physically ill when around any of these things.

Apparently, my father and grandfather did as well, no telling why. All I know is that my head starts swimming, my hands get sweaty and I start to lose it. I’ve done so a number of times during hospital visitations. I find that it’s a nice way to help patients worry about someone else for a change. It’s a service really.

I do not like doctors or hospitals but I am getting better around them. But I still don’t want to go to them for me. They say that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and I have always believed that and is also why ever since I’ve had any say on what I eat each day I have always eaten an apple.

I’ve been to the doctor twice in the last 15 years, once for a sinus infection and once for strep throat. I like apples. Apples are our friends.

One thought on “Keeping Doctors Away”

  1. As i feel a need to refute something (I’m preparing a talk on the Creed, the ultimate refutation of heresy!) I thought i would refute this…

    I had to go to a doctor for a medical this week in order to get some life insurance and apart from a passing resemblance to the Michelin man (the old version, not the new ‘buff’ version) i was declared to be in good health. Hooray (and unexpected)!

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