The Fast Lane

Fasting is one of those things. I get annoyed every time someone mentions fasting because it’s always done in a weird way. As though, simply by ignoring food, you have become spiritually mature.

Near as I can tell, the Bible never says we should fast. Fasting, if anything, is more assumed or mentioned in passing that someone was doing it. There is no fasting command.

All that being said, I’ve done it. The first time I did it was just to see what it was like. I read a book about this guy who almost died of starvation and he started having hallucinations. Cool. I planned on seeing how long I could make myself go without food. I made it 60 hours and then ate manicotti. No hallucinations.

I also did it one day a week for a few weeks, 24 hour long deals. The point of fasting is to develop self-control. The battle of the flesh takes over and you hear your flesh’s justifications, “Oh just eat food. You’re the idiot depriving yourself, who cares if you eat? Hey, you’re under grace anyway.”

It did help me lose weight. It also helped me eat less on other days. Did I find spiritual benefit from it? Actually, yes I did. It did work my self-control and put my flesh battles in perspective. I found it helpful, which is why I think people do it.

I’d recommend giving it a try every once in awhile, just to get those self-control muscles working again. Also, trying not to tell anyone you are doing it while doing it is another battle of self-control. It’s fun stuff.

One thought on “The Fast Lane”

  1. I get annoyed every time someone mentions fasting because it’s always done in a weird way.

    I get that feeling sometimes as well, when someone mentions fasting in the same tone and manner as “name dropping.” I don’t tell anyone I’m fasting, not even my wife unless confronted with “why aren’t your eating?”

    I keep thinking of what Jesus said about the man praying loudly so that men may hear him; if I talk about my fasting, I feel that my reward is from other’s knowing I fast instead of learning self-control and having more focus on God and less on me.

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