Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Here’s an article about the use of tacky advertising to spread the Gospel along U. S. highways. They focus in on a stretch of I-71 in Ohio where several billboards tell people that “Jesus is real” and “Hell is real” along with the 60-foot tall Jesus statue.

The guy who started doing all this says, “The Lord called me to do this about three years ago,” said Harston, adding God cured him of cancer at that time. “I fear the Lord, and I have to do this or face the consequences.”

My favorite sign of his said, “Use the rod on your children and save their life.” We need more signs like that in this world. One could be put up in front of my house.

One thought on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs”

  1. While growing up in Louisiana, I had been out of the state rarely. When I became engaged to my wife, I went on a trip with them to east Tennessee (Rockwood) for Thanksgiving one year. It was my first time to even drive through Birmingham, Alabama, and I was surprised (nicely) to see a monstrous billboard along I-20 that said in huge letters, “Jesus Is Lord Over Birmingham.”

    I had never seen such an overt message out in the open like that, excepting clever signs in front of churches.

    I grabbed my camera and made a quick shot. When I see that slide, I still recall the thrill of seeing such a display out in public like that, over such a large city. I’ve been all over the south now, but I still recall how that simple statement made my spirit soar. I posted the photo on my blog HERE, if you care to see it.

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